‘Who Don’t You Trust’ Poll – The Biggest Loser Is…

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that Microsoft topped the list in our “Who Don’t You Trust” poll. That’s the poll, launched on May 27th and closed on June 20th, in which we asked the question, “What tech company would you least trust to manage a FOSS project?” 411 people took the poll, which might be characterized by it’s lack of surprising results. In fact, we have to go to nearly the bottom of the list to find some small surprises.

Besides Microsoft, the poll offered the choices of IBM, Oracle, Novell, SAP, Google, Red Hat, Apple and “Other.” Those who selected “Other” were presented with a text box in which to type an “off the board” answer. Voters were only allowed to vote for one company and were kept from voting more than once by use of a cookie during most of the poll’s run. As with our Newbie Distro Poll, the results of which we reported two weeks ago, during the last week or so the poll was open, voting restrictions were tightened and our one-computer-one-vote rule was enforced by IP address as well as by cookie.

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