10 Tips for Optimizing Your Ubuntu Experience

Ubuntu 13.04 is out, and it is one of the best releases of Ubuntu ever. The best thing about it is speed. Apparently Canonical decided to optimize its performance with mobile devices in mind rather than PCs, resulting in more aggressive performance improvements, and it feels twice as fast as 12.10.

Other improvements include further polish of Unity, Ubuntu’s (in)famous desktop environment, including cooler new window snap animations, new unity preview animations, new glassy shut down dialogs, and new social and photo lenses. We are also offered a new bluetooth menu which allows turning it on and off, and making the computer visible, right from the menu, and a new sync menu for Ubuntu One. Switching between windows of the same app is now easier by just scrolling over the application icon with multiple windows. Workspace item is disabled by default, but can be turned on in Appearance settings, showing a brand new workspace icon that shows which workspace you’re currently on.

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