Raspberry Pi XBMC Shootout: Raspbmc vs OpenELEC vs XBian

Even though the Raspberry Pi was originally introduced as a platform for educational purposes the majority will end up connected to a TV streaming movies and music to the living room. The hardware is ideal for media playback and combined with the availability of XBMC and its low power consumption and price tag make the Raspberry Pi the perfect media player.

There are three major flavors of XBMC available and heavy debates are going on about which one is the best. Time for a shootout to see which one is really earns the title “King of the Pi”.

To make this comparison as representative as possible the latest version of the three distributions, RaspbmcOpenELEC andXBian, were all tested with the exact same settings on the same hardware. A 4 GB  4 speed SD card was used as the storage medium and the Raspberry Pi was connected to a Samsung LCD TV over HDMI streaming videos from a Synology NAS over a 100 MBit Ethernet connection.

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