Arch’ed in a day; a noob experience

Before beginning with my arch story, let me tell you a bit about myself, or rather about my experience with Linux OS. I am software engineer by profession (used to be…but that is another story) worked in enterprise java and client solutions. My first experience with Linux was in 2003 or 2004 when I learned about an operating system called Red-hat and given a 3-cd install for the OS. I installed the OS in my computer, did not like it at all. Looked very bland and a cheap imitation of windows; I immediately realized being free means being cheap.

The next cross over was in around 2008 or 2009 beginning when I was working and had some free time. I wanted to what is the best Linux OS. I was forwarded to various pages, among it was something called Opensuse. The page claimed it as the best OS in the world or something like that. Certainly the screenshots looked interesting and looked on par with windows. At that time I did not have a laptop with me and did not feel very courageous to install it on home PC.

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