Top five open source social networking platforms available in the market

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In this era of technology and internet, social networking sites are getting more and more popularity. People are spending hours in front of them. For creating a social media website a platform is necessary, to make this easy came the social networking platforms. In the case of social media software, market the competition is very high. If you are looking to start a social media website then it is difficult to choose the platform. Before choosing social media software just get all available information about it and conclude weather, it will benefit you or not. Let us now take a look of the five most popular open source-networking platforms available in the market


Elgg is one of the most popular social networking platforms available in the market. Elgg had won the best open source social networking software of 2008. With its user-friendly design and other features, elgg is becoming popular day by day. Because of the popularity of social networking, more and more people are into this. Elgg can be said as the helping hand for all those who do not have much programming language. User can customize his website easily and suitable templates according to his wish for the large selection. Elgg is operated on LAMP (Linux, Apachae. My SQL and PHP) Elgg can be easily configured and used,


This helps to create more user interaction and spreading of ideas. In this the users get an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and others. With Mahara we can create a portfolio. Mahara also works on LAMP.

Loved by less

Loved by less is the first open source social networking software built using Ruby on Rails. Photo gallery, with captions ,still friend search are some of the features of “loved by less” .for those who like to work on Ruby on rails other than PHP this is a n alternative


Xoops is the alternative CMS (content management system) by which we can make website as our need. We can first start a personal blog or website and then expand it by adding social networking features. Forums can be added for discussion.

• Around me

Around me is little different from others other than making a social networking site it helps your users to create their own social networking sites. With the help of around me our users will be allowed to setup their own website, community or web space. All the groups are fully customized with HTML, CSS, java script and php and each user can decide the visibility of the group that is private or public

Before choosing any social networking platform you must always first think weather it will be beneficial to you or not. Chooses he one which you really want, not the one you desire

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