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Most of Italian people that use the world wide web are daily in the Cloud, without knowing it. Only 15% of internet users know that that “putting online something” means sharing it in the Cloud, while 38% know that they have used at least one of the Cloud services. Rather, when talking more technically, one discovers that 88% of web users meet more than once the Cloud in its life in a completely unaware way.

These data have been highlighted by a research made by Nextplora on a sample of 1.000 people, and elaborated by the Internet Observatory 2011 by Microsoft Windows Live. Technology information then seems not to capture Italian people’s attention, as from this research they seem to be ill-informed web consumers. Data are alarming for one side- as users seem not to know what they are doing on the web- and encouraging from the other- as they confirm the importance and the diffusion of the web world. The data show the following: 56% of interviewees save photographs on the Web, 51% save materials about hobbies and passions, 29% the music, 19% personal information, 18% work documents and 9% their location.

The storage is one of the favorite services offered by the Cloud: 76% of the sample interviewed is in favor of the storage of information in the Cloud, and consider the whole service a support in the work sphere (58%), in the education (38%), for social life (30%), for hobby sharing (21%) and to know new people (11%).

The research disclosed also some information which explains how working and personal relationships have changed even at a social level. Indeed the second device used by people to communicate , after the personal computer, is the mobile phone: whether we are taking about Apple, Samsung or Blackberry smart phones, the data brings out the fact that mobile phones are used in 26% of cases for work/education, in 26% of cases to exchange ideas and opinions and in 34% in the private life.

Sharing information, both consciously and not, is the service most appreciated by women that in 90% of cases describe it as a good opportunity for “doing and sharing something with someone”. This percentage decreased until 84% for men.

Analyzing the phenomenon from a business perspective, the data underlined by a survey made by the International data Corporation highlight how the cloud and the connected innovations have been welcomed with great enthusiasm by big and medium-sized companies, 53% of them indeed say they are already using it or are intent to use it; SMEs are still skeptical about the fact that this system of sharing and storage the information may be really useful for their businesses. On a sample of 1.000 Italian companies with more than 50 employees, 31% of interviewed companies already use Cloud solutions, 22% is thinking about it and 47% doesn’t want to use them.

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