Ubuntu for Your Smartphone

There are many different screens on the Linux Planet, and Ubuntu wants to be on as many of them as it can. This week, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth delivered his new vision for his Linux distribution platform, even as others aim to build Linux from scratch.

1. Ubuntu Heading to Smartphone/Tablets

Computing isn’t just about servers or desktops anymore. In the post-PC era, computing is about mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. It’s a world where Linux already holds a strong position by way of Android. In the view of Mark Shuttleworth, it’s a market that Ubuntu Linux needs to get into as well.

Shuttleworth delivered his message of Ubuntu’s “smart” future at the Ubuntu Developer Summit this week in Florida. Shuttleworth wants to see Ubuntu on an array of smart screens including smartphones and tablets.

Sitting underneath all those screens will be the Unity framework, which he described as being the unifying element of Ubuntu. The ironic element, of course, is that Unity in the broader Linux community has been anything but unifying, providing a divisive element for the community.

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