Top 10 Benefits of Drupal

Author: Danny Higson

Drupal is an open-source rich with several resources that make it incrediblybest alternative amongst all available open source CMS (content management systems) applications. It makes the mission of web application development so unproblematic and picturesque that you can build Drupal based lovely website on your own. You even don’t need to be professionally solid for web designing or development.

Below are the top 10 benefits of Drupal:

1. Drupal Is An Open Source: Being an open source means Drupal doesn’t requireany license for selling any kind of development work made in Drupal neither it needs any royalty. Anyone can get into to the source-code of an application or program designed in Drupal. It doesn’t confine any program from being used in a firm or personal use.

2. User Friendly Content Management System: Drupal doesn’t require any mechanical dexterity for coding (like html coding). If you are not usual with programming and coding, even then you can make a website in drupal without problems. If you have entry to the admin panel you can create any kind of transforms on your website by simply using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) without problems. You can even copy and paste matter from MsWord or any other text editor as it is. As soon as you become familier with it you will be able to handle every module and node according to your requirement.

3. Search Engine‘s Favourite: It is designed completely from the purpose of search engine crawling and ranking. It endows with the modules for title tag, meta description tag, meta keywords tag, head tag, etc. Where you can put in content and text optimized for search engines. You can even epitomize a dynamic URL of your website’s page as a static one. That is why search engines adore the websites created in Drupal.

4. Market Capture: Drupal has incarcerated a immense market in web development. You can see thousands of well knownand fashionable websites have been designed in drupal. Such as:The White House’s website, Britney Spears’ website, Popular Science website, etc.

5. High Elasticity: Modules in Drupal such as: user administration, publishing workflow, news aggregation, meta-data functionality, etc. are fully ready for all vital future requirements. Extra resources like blogs, forums, e-commerce and calendars can undoubtedly be put into action any time in the future. Additionally, multitudes of third party modules can be selected from to enlarge Drupal.

6. Amazing Themes: Whether it is personal interest or a big transnational website Drupal based themes are rage at the present time. Drupal presentsthousands thematic default website templates absolutely for free. Additionally, you can get thousands of paid and free templates with Drupal theme by doing a easy search online. You can even use up a modified one into Drupal theme.

7. Incredible Worth: Drupal adds ab Incredible Worth to your website with thousands of sections, modules, mambots, etc. You can make any mode of website with Drupal, there are no boundaries. You can make from a unfussy static website, personal homepage to firm website, dating website, weblog, Myspace-like website, all depends on your vision and requirement.

8. Basic Quality: Drupal endows with astonishing flexibility because of which it is extremely congruent with PHP, MySQL or PostgreSQL, etc. Its largeattuned ability with jQuery, LAMP, mature API libraries and complete choice of modules are swiftly making it a great requirement for the core functionality of a framework.

9. Cross-Browser Comparision: Drupal is also very much congruent with most of the all fashionable browsers like; Mozzila, IE, Chrome, Safari and many more. It allows a website’s design and functionality to perform in the same way on all the browsers.

10. Fantastic Support: This is an open-source CMS so you will get plentiful experienced and connoisseur Drupal themers and developers out there on the internet. They are always keen to assist youfrom installation to accomplishment of a module. So you are never going to stuck with Drupal.

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