Become an ImageMagick Ninja: Doing Things in Batches

Last month we introduced ImageMagick, a software suite that lets you manipulate images in several interesting ways. In that article we learned a lot of ways to resize images, make thumbnails, and convert image file formats. Today we’re going to unleash more of the mighty ImageMagick power and learn to make drop shadows, raised buttons, and proof sheets, and generate different sizes of the same image.

As always, before you manipulate irreplaceable photos, back up your originals first!

Before we start talking about more ImageMagick functionality, here’s a tip that can help you with all ImageMagick commands. Using ImageMagick commands in single-line bash shell scripts lets you quickly modify multiple images in one batch. Even if you prefer using a different programming or scripting language, bash one-liners are useful for testing whether your ImageMagick commands are doing what you want.

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