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How to Write Screenplays Using Your Android Device

If you are a budding screenwriter who's always on the move, writing a screenplay on your Android smartphone is the last thing you'd think of. In fact, there are barely any apps that fulfill the promise of a full-fledged writing experience on your mobile device. Having said that, hope's not (Read more...)

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Day 18 – Adding Context to Alerts with nagios-herald

Written by: Katherine Daniels (@beerops)
Edited by: Jennifer Davis (@sigje)

3am Pages Suck!

As sysadmins, we all know the pain that comes from getting paged at 3am because some computery thing somewhere has caught on fire. It’s dark, you were having a perfectly pleasant dream about (Read more...)

Original Article by sysadvent


Day 17 – DevOps for Horses: Moving an Enterprise Application to the Cloud

Written by: Eric Shamow (@eshamow)
Edited by: Michelle Carroll (@miiiiiche)

As an engineer, when you first start thinking about on-demand provisioning, CD, containers, or any of the myriad techniques and technologies floating across the headlines, there is a point when you realize with a cold sweat (Read more...)

Original Article by sysadvent