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From Disqus to Google Plus

Three years ago I moved my blog to Jekyll and since then I have been very happy with it, with the time I have changed the way it looks and have gone from comments to no comments.

Right now I am switching again, I am switching from Disqus to Google (Read more...)

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Review: Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” MATE

Main Screen + Linux Mint Menu
I've been out of the country for 2.5 weeks, explaining the lack of posts in that time. Before that, I was busy trying to finish a rough draft of a paper outlining the work I did at my UROP before graduation. Now that (Read more...)

Original Article by Das U-Blog by Prashanth


France’s 4th largest city, Toulouse, saves a million Euros by migrating to LibreOffice

Toulouse saves a million Euros by migrating to LibreOffice

City of Munich saved more than €11.7 million in a decade and were among the earliest to understand the benefits of adopting open source and Linux. Then came UK with sweeping changes to its policies favoring LibreOffice over proprietary alternatives. Not only that. Just recently, they even adopted ODF as UK's (Read more...)

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‘cool-old-term’: This retro styled Terminal Emulator could be the coolest we’ve seen yet!

cool-old-term for ubuntu

We've seen Terminal Emulators of all sizes and shapes for Linux, but nothing like this yet. 'cool-old-term' is one gorgeous looking Terminal emulator. 

How to install cool-old-term Terminal Emulator in Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint 17?

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